Sunday, March 6

00 Providence w.i.p

Hello people,been a while ey?I've been busy in real life and I'm moving again so Zaku and the other backlogs is currently on hold till I'm done unpacking but at the moment,remember the HG 00 condenser I bought before?that's the only kit I have around atm and currently working on it.Just a relax build,so here's some pics ot it.

Just some pla plating on the GN-drive.

Some pla plating on the shoulder armors.

This is where the most heavy mod I did on the kit,the waist armors.

This is how the kit currently look like.

Yes,I kinda thinking of using only 1 of the GN-drive.Yus,it's called 00 Providence with 1 GN-drive but its still using the 00's frame~chill people hehe =) Till next time then,thanks for dropping by.

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