Wednesday, April 18

Gundam X

Hi guys,I've finished this kit like 2 days ago cause I wanted to get my head off the HGUC RX78-2 I've been working on for the past week.Anyway,enjoy the pics...

Really like the kit but considering that the X Divider was bought mistakenly but looking at both kits,the X Divider looks more interesting.hmm...anyway,the Gundam X was a great kit,the articulation was updated and I really love the beam saber,it reminds me of the SW lightsabers.

Saturday, April 7

System Base 001

Finally got the system base 001~I've been waiting for these base to arrive since Feb'cause the last time it came to the store it was sold out but luckily this time,it was the stormy night that stopped everyone lol me and my friend was the only customers that night.Anyway,here's some pics...

Oh yeah,I got 2~=P

Tuesday, April 3

Blue Earth's Tragic Hero,Forbidden Gundam.

Wsup y'all~hehe I finished this kit awhile ago but I like it so much that I let it sat there on the desk annoying other mechas around it lol

The damn MS is sexay~lol I like it alot,though its short of something called "beam rifle" but the back pack/armor unit compensate that.Anyway,I had fun building it,the color was nice but the gun metal parts was annoying cause its hard to get rid of the nub marks.His main weapon is the scythe but his best weapons comes from his Mobile Armor Mode.

The Mobile Armor Mode is his best advantage in battle,even Kira piloting Freedom was annoyed by this mode.The best weapon in Mobile Armor Mode is the 2 shields on its side,the shields can deflect any attacks from any beam weapons,be it beam rifles or the beam sabers and this mode itself have a main beam cannon so its a very fancy MS.
So 2 down,1 to go~I'm kinda skeptical about Raider Gundam but we'll see how it goes.Next time kids~

Monday, April 2

New loots!!

Hi guys,I got new kits lol I told my fiance I'm not buying any last month but since Toynation's having a sale,why not grab some~

So the Justice is the 4th remaster SEED kit I bought,there was Freedom too but since I have the RG,I skipped it.I bought the Gundam vs Zaku starter set lol I've always curious of what's the diff between those and the normal HGUC so I grabbed it too =)