Tuesday, January 31


Yeah as the tittle said,snafits~hehe I'm a fast builder,I don't like my backlogs pilling so I snapfit them kits right away,when I got time that is hehe here's 2 of them.

As much as I hate Shin Asuka from SEED/Destiny but I gotta admit that he's choices of MS really fits his fighting style and Sword Impulse colour scheme rocks over the other 2 of Impulse's modes.Anyway I was planning on buying the MG but Bandai haven't release the bazooka mode for Impulse yet,I did saw a resin kit of it but..we'll see hehe The Zaku on the other hand is kinda simple,remember last post I said I wanna buy another Zaku to repaint it?Cancelled that,I'm repainting Gouf soon so better get that done first and RGs sitting pretty in their box cause I'm pre-ordering RG Skygrasper so I wanna wait till its here to build them.Anyway thats it for now,stay safe y'all.

Saturday, January 28

Stay Frosty

Hi guys~hehe yeah,I was at ma fav gunpla shop today and pick up some new shipments hehe none much though,stay frosty~

There it is,I was aimin'for those system base and system weapon but I got the weapons only.But atleast I got some,no gunpla on this visit but I did saw the FA Unicorn and some Banshees..AGE kits was alot too but the only ones that caught my eyes was the Spallow and G-EXES...maybe next time hehe well,thats it for now~as the title said,STAY FROSTY!!

Thursday, January 26

Future SEED~

Hi guys hehe I'm just gonna post those SEED's future releases that Im aiming to get this year..

This goes without saying,its a MUST get!!hehe this what made the Strike a legend on its own,the weapon packs,ofcourse it was copied later on in SEED Destiny but this is the first and IMO is the best kit ever,I like it more than Freedom to be honest =P

And this add on is a MUST too since I'm planning on getting all the remaster HGs,thats because most of my kits from CE are mostly MGs,plus I'm more into HGs nowadays so why not~hehe thats it for now,see ya next time.

Monday, January 23

Year of SEED

Hell yeah,just like the title said,year or SEED~hi people,none much goin on at the moment.I finally got my TRU star card and some loot for january hehe

Yes,I'm gonna go all out on SEED this year hehe finally got my hands on the RG Strike,gettin ready for the RG skygrasper ofcourse and I got the HG sword Impulse,the sword mode is the coolest mode he have and I got a Zaku Warrior,probably gonna repaint it and buy another 1 for OOTB hehe I just love Zaku,it doesn't matter from what era.Well,thats all for now.Peace out~

Friday, January 13

Gouf Ignited

Hello guys,I got time these days so I've snapfit the Gouf and hell yeah I'm loving the kit,hope they're releasing the remaster Gouf ignited soon,enjoy the pics..

I don't know what's up nowadays but I'm more into 1/144 kits haha and since 2012 is the year of SEED,I might be buying more SEED/Destiny kits soon,plus the remaster kit is coming and MG Duel.Anyway Gouf is awesome,its always a badass MS to begin with,ever since I saw it in 08th team,I know it'd be one of the favs but too bad Gouf Ignited only shown in the beginning of SEED.If I ever bought the MG 2.0,I probably SB the Ignited wing backpack,as I said C.E adds sleeker style to old MS hehe well,I'm repainting this kit when I have more time on it but this all for now,see you guys on next post.

Tuesday, January 10

Hello Miss 2012~

Hi guys,Happy new year~lol!I've been occupied nowadays since its a new year and all but hell yeah I've finished Arios Zero Entry.enjoy the pics..

I like it light so I put aside the beam rifle and use the hand gun instead,I took the back pack off S-Gundam since its just lyin there in his box so maybe next project would be toning down that block hehe

And yes,I just couldn't help my self on buying this kit,as I said I'm a big fan of CE kits that is from Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny.Just IMO,they have more stylish MS.Well,thanks for droppin'by then,till next time kids~=D