Tuesday, November 30

Gurren Lagann Ver.Ka

this is my last post for tonight,this is one of the items i bought last week.its the Gurren Lagann Ver.Ka by the mecha master,Katoki Hajime.Now,if you aint mecha head like me,he's the dude that design and re-designs mechas for most mecha anime including gundams~

now enjoy the pics hehe

Very nice articulations.

 Gurren Dan's Logo~

yes,it have the Gigga Drill~hehe badass~

the stand.

the Poster.

the box includes a poster,a stand,gigga drill,two twin drills for each hands,an extra head,two sets of specs boomerangs and two more sets of hands.its very detail and Katoki Hajime's touch on the mech is superb.i'm plannin'on gettin'the Lazengann and Enki soon so stay tune~thanks for droppin'by =)

November loots

Yo~hehe im still working on the Strike I'll post it up soon but for now..this is my loot for November.

This is one of those mecha that doesn't need no intro but hey,this is the Gurren Lagann one of the most badass mecha around from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann hehe I finally got it,thanks to CH anyway hee

and this is the 00 Raiser condenser type from the 00 movie,i bought it cause I need another 00 frame for a kitbash hehe and I bought my younger bro 1 of the Keroro MS hehe he's done it already and its his 1st anyway ^^

well thats all for November,PG SF will be my last gunpla for 2010 and yes,i'm currently out of gunpla to buy since there's not even 1 that caught my eyes lately..00 movie's MS?I'm not interested at all..so other mechas will do for now ^^

Tuesday, November 23


sorry for lack of updates since I'm just starting to get the hang of these blogging stuffs but hey,the holidays coming soon and I'll be on leave hehe means more time blogging~anyway,currently I'm bouncing on bunch of mini projects atm but i hit a dead end on all 3 of'em until my supplies arrive and while I'm stucked waiting,i found this guy stored in my closet...

yes,its my old 1/100 Strike gundam!!its still in good shape so im using it as a mini project for this end of 2010..hint?battle damage~will update the Strike when its done..or half done..or whatever LOL FYI,I'm just not a fan of doin a W.I.P..well,thats it for now,thanks for dropping by and happy holiday kids~=P

Saturday, November 20


Hello everyone,none much happenin today since its my first day blogging.So here's my latest build back in oct.thanks for dropping by and enjoy.

here's the new HGUG Sinanju (the foil stickers sucks big time so will get it paint soon)

Thanks a bunch for droping by~