Saturday, December 17

Zero Entry WIP

Hi guys,this is just some pics I took awhile back for Brunei Plamo Group's trial competition in FB.Since I'll be posting it up there soon so I'll just drop some pics here first.Enjoy~

well,thats it for now.Will post the actual finished kit soon ehe so stay tune~thanks for droppin'by guys.

Sunday, December 4

December loot

Hi guys hehe this is the final loot of 2011 but hell yeah won't be the last post hee anyway,finally my fist RG~been haunting me in a while now so yes,I got my first REAL GRADE.Pic time~

Yes~I bought the Providence,can't wait for the MG and yes,my SEED collection is complete now..the main char's MS that is hehe anyway,love the RG's box,very sleek and its overload with decals,guess I'm gonna have my hands full with this 1.So that's it fo now,I haven't really got the time to finish my DOTM Bumblebee yet but soon~so till next post.

Saturday, December 3

HGAW Gundam X Divider

Hi guys~another MIA month ey?ehe now back back to gundam,so I've snap fit this 1 awhile back but never took pics of it so now here it is...

A very nice kit indeed,a simple kit,weapons was awesome and yes,the bazooka's my fav and since its the newest released of the HGAW line,so it have all the up to date articulation.As usual,BANDAI took awhile to release them but its worth the wait.I actualy bought the wrong kit though.I wanted the Gundam X but after building this kit,its as better as that 1.Hope the other MS will get their re-release 'cause this series have fans of their own.

Tuesday, September 20

Breaking Plamo~

Hi everyone,its been awhile ey?ehe none much goin'on nowadays and as the title said,I am taking a break on Plamo.I mean collecting'em since I've been saying it alot,only a few kit that I'm interested in nowadays and if you haven't notice it,I am a collector and most of it is mecha base stuffs.Thought I'm takin'a break but I am still joinning most of the online group  build (Jesta) and my Facebook Brunei Plamo Group competition,with the kits that I have now that is.Anyway since I've decided on Plamo break,I'm collecting TFs nowadays,mostly the movies though..

Here's one of'em...

 Rollon'on dubs?

yes,this is the latest DOTM deluxe Bumblebee.I got it from Nanyang.Will review it soon so just stay tune~and since my online friends readin'this,I'm gonna finish my other projects,its just that they'd take awhile xP

Tuesday, August 30

Hi Nu EX Gundam

Hi guys,been awhile~I've been busy in real life and can't find any gundam that catch my eyes recently so to me,gunpla scene seems dull lately..anyway.here's some old pic of my entry for the EA CON gunpla competition last july.

my Sinanju enduring dust attack~

So that's my entry for the Brunei's first gunpla competition held at EA CON,the best event out there for me,period.I gotta admit,it was a rushed entry,I damaged the left shoulder armor otw to the event and I was the last one to submit mine.I spent most of my little free time working on it and experimented on alot of techs on it.It may not be the best and I didn't really win anything but I had a great time on the event and I'm glad that I joinned it.

well,that's it for now then,it'll be a while after this post since the festive season's starting.I'd like to take this chance to say Happy Raya to everyone reading my blog,regardless of what religion and forgive me if I offended any with any post I've posted.Enjoy your Raya people,cheers!!

Friday, August 12

HGUC Unicorn

Hey y’all,I didn’t really have much time to spend on modding the HGUC Sinanju this week so I decided to snapfit the HGUC Unicorn instead.I just hate having backlogs.Anyway here’s the HGUC Unicorn.


 fav pose
 the rifle's catridge
 beam rifle
 feets look awesome
 up close

 Shoulder armors split..

Its a nice kit,don't let the armors spliting intimidate ya 'cause the kit is pretty easy build.The propotion was nice though lack of weapons but the kit was nice,just nice.The only problem I have with it is the elbow joints,those who have it would know this~anyway,iIts snapfitted only,I'm still thinking of painting it or just touch it up with markers.Anyway,next post would be Sinanju~thanks for dropping by.