Sunday, January 23

Armored Cyclop~

hey y'all,time for a new post~hehe like the title says "Armored Cyclop" is actually a Zaku that I posted about before.I had it for a while already but I kinda took my time building it.As you can see from my blog's banner,I'm a Zeonist.I like their MS better cause its unique from the other faction.So here's some pics of the Zaku.

Well,if you ask me,it's a damn slick kit hehe simple but yet,a very effective design.To be honest,I never had any 1/144 Zaku before since I've always been a 1/100 guy,I started collecting these 1/144 kit last year but yes,this is my first 1/144 Zaku.RG would be nice but there's a reason why there's PG line kit,so I'm skipping on'em.I'm simply modding this kit at the moment since my supplies ain't here yet,none fancy but hey,I'm trying new things nowadays.Post some wips soon~thanks for dropping by guys.

Sunday, January 16

Kamina's Gurren

Hello y'all,I've finished this kit in a week after I snapfit it and now its painted~It's Kamina's Gurren from the anime Gurren Lagann.I'm liking this kit cause it's none like other mecha before or after it.I've seen many version of gurren lagann type mecha during Lord Genome's geno scene,too bad they don't have alotta option than the main mechas from the anime was produced..anyway,I stayed with the original color scheme so none fancy,enjoy the pics...

The skulls on each side is hand painted ehe I ain't no expert but I like how it turned out ^^ anyway,thanks for dropping by y'all,stay tune for the finished Zaku,I've snapfitted it and will post it tomorrow.that's it for now,enjoy your sunday people~

Saturday, January 15

MG Sinanju Titanium finish

Yo~sorry for the lack of post nowadays,been busy lately.I kinda finished this kit earlier but didn't have the time to take its pic and all.Anyway,here it is..Sinanju~

Overall,its a pretty nice kit and ofcourse most of us already know that,its just that I have 1 prob with it only..the damn shield is too heavy and won't stick ehehe but hey,its the Sinanju~you gotta love it ^^ thanks for dropping by guys.

Friday, January 7

January loots

Hello y'all~its time to post what I got this January.As usual,I got most of my supplies from Chong Hock (thanks to Eric) ehe I didn't order much this time since ain't alot of gundam I have inmind so I decided to get these two...

Not much of a work and yes,I'm a fast builder since I have lots of time in hands so I built these two in no time~

The Gurren.

The Enki.(it can be change to Enkidou) A special kit since my girl Sophie assembled it and ofcourse,I helped~=P

 both gunmen.

It was an easy builds and a very nice finish product minus the articulations but its just as I wanted it.I'm currently working on repainting both kit so stay tune~hehe I also got another kit and a bunch of pla-plates hehe here's the pic for the other kit I bought and an ongoing project since november...

Zaku II F2.

Reborn Gundam Custom.

hee thats all for now,thanks for dropping by~

Sunday, January 2

Sinanju Wip.4

Happy new year people~hehehe What a peaceful sunday for me today and I had alot of time in hand so I decided to finish up my Sinanju,well most of it though ^^

 I finished the rifle but I skipped the beam axe 'cause I'm not really gonna equip it anyway.


I also finished the backpack,the wings are awesome~

Well thats it folks,I'm almost finish and the only thing left to assemble is the whole crotch ehe but not gonna post it so the next post would be the finished build.Thanks for dropping by guys and sorry for the short WIP,told ya I'm not a fan and fyi,its my first ^^