Tuesday, September 20

Breaking Plamo~

Hi everyone,its been awhile ey?ehe none much goin'on nowadays and as the title said,I am taking a break on Plamo.I mean collecting'em since I've been saying it alot,only a few kit that I'm interested in nowadays and if you haven't notice it,I am a collector and most of it is mecha base stuffs.Thought I'm takin'a break but I am still joinning most of the online group  build (Jesta) and my Facebook Brunei Plamo Group competition,with the kits that I have now that is.Anyway since I've decided on Plamo break,I'm collecting TFs nowadays,mostly the movies though..

Here's one of'em...

 Rollon'on dubs?

yes,this is the latest DOTM deluxe Bumblebee.I got it from Nanyang.Will review it soon so just stay tune~and since my online friends readin'this,I'm gonna finish my other projects,its just that they'd take awhile xP