Saturday, May 26


Well,to understand the title you first gotta see these....

Yeah,that's right..AGE~LoL I never bother  to watch the series but I've been eyeing on these 3 kits for awhile now.I bought all kits with a week in between with G-Exes,G-Bouncer and Genoace Custom the last.I don't fancy AGE series since there's no reason to watch it in the first place but that character Wolf reminds me of Graham Acker from 00 with all of his MS was custom fitted.So I decided to bought all three =)

Wednesday, May 16

Blue Earth's Tragic Hero,Raider Gundam

W'sup guys,I've just finished this kit last week.

So yes,this is the least liked kit out of the three but so what.Its still looked bad ass to me LOL Anyway,I really didn't want the stickers so the reds was painted.In the anime Raider was more like a transportation mean to the other two and was always taken for granted by them,but nonetheless,when things went south he's the one that bailed'em other two out.Raider only have a mace sub from the beam saber and a double beam cannon on the other in Gundam mode and in Raider mode,there's another beam cannon on the head and the claws as weapon if needed.Overall,I like the kit.I'll post all of the Blue Earth's Tragic Heroes in 1 post next time.See ya~

Saturday, May 5

Stallmate and incoming hostiles

Hi guys,ignore the title lol I've been spacing out lately and most of my time spent on gaming nowadays =P Anyway,here's some pics of ongoing projects in hand.

 HGUC RX78-2,as you can see the left one is the one I'm modding atm.Kinda burnt out of ideas lately aka I lost ma mojo~
 I've built the RG Strike and I'm looking forward on building the RG Freedom.
This is the first RG I built,really blown away by the new line.I'm still thinking about putting on the decals atm,so s/by and stay frosty.

In coming hostiles comes in the shape of RG Justice and RIOBOT latest release,Gurren Lagann~I'm a sucker for the anime and let alone these damn new releases.I even got the Revo Gurren Lagann wing ver on pre-order.I can't wait for the RIOBOT Lazengann comes out,it'd definitely rock!RG Justice on the other hand is a must get since I have the RG Freedom already.