Saturday, August 18

Panel lines

Yes,panel lines~its there on our kits but we often ignore it.Panel lines if done correctly will made the kit you're building more appealing,it gives others a "wow factor" and your peers knows you're taking care of your kits to that very detail.I'm not fond of panel lining,its a messy job but yet,its a must.here's some pics of the difference between panel lined piece and a bare "stock" piece.

This is the basic things you need,gundam markers and an eraser.
 Bare piece.
Panel lined.
Closer look.

There's some other methods for panel lining,some used the gundam pencil lead and the "pro" way,using enamel. =)

Wednesday, August 15

M1 Astray day 2

Day 2 on M1 Astray,as I was building it I noticed color separation was good on this kit and just needed a lil touch up and after building the leg parts,seems like the thigh area was restricted by the design so gotta get that fix somehow,Here's some pics.

Saturday, August 11

M1 Astray day 1

Hi guys,none much just some pics of day 1 working on the M1 Astray.

Tuesday, August 7

The Goufs

Hi,just some pics I took at the office hehe Heine custom's my friend's and Joule custom's mine~

Sunday, August 5


LOL yes,more SEED's kits.I entered a local competition and displayed my piece at the shop and what I really wanted to get was RG Justice today but there was none,so I decided to get these guys instead since its my bro's paying for it,why not~