Sunday, March 20

00 Providence WIP1

Hello guys,here's some updates on the 00 Providence.I kinda took my time on my offs and nowadays just experimenting on the plates.The 00's frame is kinda short for me so I'm makin'em taller,enjoy the pics.

I extended the waist and the lower chest with some plates.

I'm not feeling the rounded wrists so I puttied them and pla-plated both.

Some detailing on the kicks hehe and I extended the tips.

Looks better~

I know I said none fancy on this build but I got bored and went overboard lol I'm not using the 00 Riser so I'm detailing it whenever I'm stuck on what to do hehe I didn't plan to go overboard anyway.I'll be posting the Riser when I'm done with it and I noticed the shoulder armors looked boring so I'm gonna work on that tonight.Well,that's it for now then.Thanks for dropping by people,enjoy your sunday~

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