Tuesday, December 25

Last month of SEED year

Well,ladies and gentlemen,we've come to the end of 2012~December kinda flew by faster to me with holidays/leave,fiance's back and time spent with the kids but all's good =) These are my last buy for the year,not alotta bigger kits though,just SDs.

I didn't join the Eacon Gunpla comp this year,maybe next year.MG Impulse was a great sale from $109 to $60,Andrew's my fav pilot and yes,I'm more comfortable building SDs at the moment.Well,thats it for 2012 folks,Happy new year!!

Tuesday, December 11

King Kittan

Hi guys,this is the Kotobukiya kit of King Kittan,as I mentioned before in my many posts of Gurren Lagann figures,I am a big fan of the series.I have all the Revo ver of them and even a RIOBOT,Kotobukiya as well.Since these kits are extremely rare,I bought mind for about $60!!Yes way overpriced but to me,its worth it.I didn't do much with it like I did on my last Koto Gurren,just some hand painting with markers and panel lining.Enjoy the pics kids~

Monday, November 26

Extra space created

Lol none much people,I've finally decided to buy a detolf so now just in process of filling it up.

Monday, November 12

HGUC Methuss

Hi guys,this is a built that involved 1 of my best friend Danny.Its actually his first kit but as instructed by me,he seems to get the hang of it.The upper body was built by me and he kinda just jumped in and did the rest LOL and the paint job was done by me,kinda rusty IMO,enjoy~

Friday, October 26

Plastic in the art room.

Yes,no updates in awhile.As usual I was occupied with work,ot and courses so I have limited time spent on plastic nowadays.

I finished the RG Freedom and I just got the RG Justice,on the booth is SD Aegis and the Cherudim is a gift for my best friend hehe RG Strike is waiting for decals,soon~

Thursday, September 20

00 Providence

I took pics of the 00 Providence before the event but since it was bought afterwards I only have these hehe enjoy~

Revoltech Gurren Lagann

Hi guys,been away for awhile now.Less gunpla nowadays since I got my room cleared but more figs collecting hehe Anyway,I didn't get the chance to buy the 1st released Revo Gurren Lagann before so this is the re-released Revo Gurren Lagann and it comes with wings~

I've read some reviews on the net complaining about some people got scratches on their figs but mine was ok and I just bought the SEN-TI-NEL RIOBOT Gurren Lagann too but as detail and as better looking as the RIOBOT,no other Gurren Lagann figs out there in the market can go against how Revoltech presented theirs,just look at that stance and you know its a hell of bad ass robot.1 more thing I like about this fig than the RIOBOT is how the wings folded but too bad they didn't include the double drills for the hands though.Overall,as usual you gotta love Revoltech,if you can get your hands on this figs,you better buy it cause its worth it.

Saturday, August 18

Panel lines

Yes,panel lines~its there on our kits but we often ignore it.Panel lines if done correctly will made the kit you're building more appealing,it gives others a "wow factor" and your peers knows you're taking care of your kits to that very detail.I'm not fond of panel lining,its a messy job but yet,its a must.here's some pics of the difference between panel lined piece and a bare "stock" piece.

This is the basic things you need,gundam markers and an eraser.
 Bare piece.
Panel lined.
Closer look.

There's some other methods for panel lining,some used the gundam pencil lead and the "pro" way,using enamel. =)