Sunday, March 13


Hello guys,its Sunday but I'm working lol what a day for working right?but hey,a job is a job~hehe so anyway,this is my fav of all the revos I have in my collection.I wanted it so bad that I bought it off eBay 'cause its a discontinued item.anyway here's some pic.

The box
Its 1 badass mech hehe

As usual revo joints is that damn good~

His version of drills.
This is as detail it can get boys..as I said,baaadass~=P

So thats it then,I kinda missed out to buy it when it got out.though I might paid way more than I have to but hey,it could've gone higher for a must have and already discontinued item.Well thats it for now though,thanks for droppin'by people and enjoy your sunday.

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