Friday, March 16

Revo Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

Second post of today~this is the 7th fig of the Gurren Lagann series I got from another modeller.Why another modeller?These figs are hard to get especially when its discontinued.Anyway,here's some pic.

Now this fig is freakin'wicked!From the stance,color scheme,details and effect parts.Though I don't really fancy the specs on the head since its not based on Kamina's old specs but it looked bad ass~If you ever come across any of these Gurren Lagann Revoltech series,you should grab it.Its worth it.

Revo Arc Gurren

Hi guys,as mentioned before I'm a huge fan of the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann so I do collect the revoltech figs whenever I can and this is the 6th fig from revo I have.enjoy~

I actually bought this a while ago but didn't really have the time to take any pic of it.The Arc Gurren is nice but have a slight problem of staying on its feet since the feet was design like those ZOE mechas.Anyway,the only problem I have was it have that green effects only,didn't come with any other gimmick but nonetheless,it rocks~

Sunday, March 11

SEED custom kit

Hi guys,I just got these 4 days ago but I forgot to post it LOL anyway,here's what I got..

 Hobby Japan and SEED Custom Kit
 that's the runner
 I actually bought 2 =P
and finally my RG Skygrasper!!

Friday, March 9

Blue Earth's Tragic Hero,Calamity Gundam.

Hi guys,I finished building the Calamity Gundam yesterday so here's a few pics.

I like this kit,if they ever gonna make a 1/100 scale for it,even the "anti-SEED" will buy it LOL!!Anyway,you all know that this is the remaster kit so it came with extra decal but I like it this way,just like in the series,no markings ehe with all the armaments,it should've had a beam saber atleast for a CQC cause this is the first kit I've built that doesn't have any.Loving the color scheme though,the best color scheme out of the three.Well,that's it,see y'all around~

Wednesday, March 7

Blue Earth's Tragic Heroes

Hi y'all,none much atm.Just posting some new kits I grab at CHT when they're having a sale~as the title said Blue Earth's tragic heroes aren't actually heroes,I mean in our eyes since they went against the real heroes of Gundam SEED,Kira and Athrun..but they were the front line of Earth forces at the time,so that alone made them some kind of heroes nonetheless.So yeah,this is the remaster kits.Here's the Blue Earth's Tragic Heroes..