Friday, December 31

MSA-0011 S-Gundam

I got this kit from CH around Oct but didnt really build it 'cause I actually wanted Ext but they ran out of it so I bought this kit instead.It's a cool kit and design for fire power but the articulation was neglected so articulation wise?It sucks~but still,it's an awesome kit.I haven't done anything to it,yet!so here's just a straight snapfit of it.

Sorry for the blur pics,I was in a rush lol anyway this is my last post for 2010 and thanks for dropping by guys.Enjoy the new year's eve and Happy 2011 people.Exaz out~;P

MG Sinanju Wip.3

Yo~~~~hehehe its been a busy week since I just got out of a car accident last 2 weeks and been handling my car repairment,so work on the MG been slowed down due to that.Anyway,here's what I barely got done atm.

The knees bend nicely hehe

Gotta love the leg thrusters.

Well that's it for now,will post more next year (it sounded like it takes that long lol) see ya~

Saturday, December 25

MG Sinanju Wip.2

Hey y'all,this is the 2nd Wip post of the MG Sinanju Titanium finish.Remember,this is just an OOTB build so no fancy mods or such.Even nub marks are cut clean only (no sanding) since that's the only thing I can do about it,it's a titanium finish~and besides,most of'em are hidden when it's finish.And FYI,beside the gold trims,I'm not putting any decals on this kit 'cause I'm always into the anime's MS look,It's more slick looking than those with decals IMO,Enjoy the pics.

I'm lovin'the sleeves~

Yes~it's the shield ehehe I can't resist putting it together 'cause I wanna see how big it is ^^

Well,that's it for now.FYI,I'm also working on the HGUC Sinanju but I wont be posting any WiP since I can see others are doin'the same mods anyway^^ next time folks~

Thursday, December 23

MG Sinanju WiP.1

Okay guys,this is this is what I've done so far with the MG Sinanju..

the torso.

the head.

Well thats it so far though..yes,I missed a strip of gold trim on the chest piece but I've put'em on already just too lazy to take a pic [-.-] anyway the head piece is that so damn awesome~hehe stay tune for the next post~thanks for droppin'by y'all.

Sunday, December 19

Special delivery!!

Hey y'all,I've been wanting to post about it since it arrived from KL but hey here it is,big thanks to my girl Sophie hehe^^

honestly,this MS intimidates me abit,1st cause its a titanium finish and 2nd cause the decals gonna be a pain in the ass~but I'm goona use the foil stickers for it since its gonna be an OOTB build for now^^
I'm building it as I'm posting its arrival,I said it once I'm not a WIP fan but for this one,I'll make an exception so do check it out on the side bar later on.thanks for droppin'by guys.


Yo~well I bought this guy around a week ago from CH Qlap and will buy the Enkidou afterwards.I am currently out of gundam to buy atm since there's none that I'm interested in for now,so I'm collecting Revoltech's Gurren Lagann mechas.A little story of this one,its one of the bad dude's Gunmen (mecha in Gurren Lagann universe) the pilot is Viral and yes,he's one badass dude and one of my favorite in the series.This is the first version of his Gunmen.The Enki came with some extra hands,2 missile pods,2 samurai,lagann's head and a chest missile.Articulation?none can come close to Revoltech so far..I'm getting their Predators and Aliens soon hehe that'd be an awesome adds for my collection,lets take a look~

How badass can a bad dude be?well,the pics answered that question perfectly~