Tuesday, February 28

Yzak Jule's Gouf Ignited

Hi guys,I've just finished painting this kit 2 days ago but I just got the time now to upload it,enjoy~

That's it,my first painted kit this year lol I love the kit though,the big ass shield and a sword,an actual sword!!Old skool~I did all I've wanted to do on this kit,little pla detailing,keep the original paint scheme and flat coat it.Well,that's it for now,my next project will be a co-op build with a fellow builder,anyway thanks for droppin'by guys,see y'all next time~

Sunday, February 12

RG RX-78

Hi guys,none much just another loot for my weapon system 01 hehe

I had mix feeling about this kit when it came out and with a bunch of negative reviews about parts falling off was not helping either but I bought it anyway,You gotta admit when it comes to the Gundam,it doesn't matter who you are,you gotta atleast have 1 RX-78...IF you're a real Gundam fan,doesn't matter which series is your fav cause it all started with this,the RX-78.Nuff said~