Tuesday, December 25

Last month of SEED year

Well,ladies and gentlemen,we've come to the end of 2012~December kinda flew by faster to me with holidays/leave,fiance's back and time spent with the kids but all's good =) These are my last buy for the year,not alotta bigger kits though,just SDs.

I didn't join the Eacon Gunpla comp this year,maybe next year.MG Impulse was a great sale from $109 to $60,Andrew's my fav pilot and yes,I'm more comfortable building SDs at the moment.Well,thats it for 2012 folks,Happy new year!!

Tuesday, December 11

King Kittan

Hi guys,this is the Kotobukiya kit of King Kittan,as I mentioned before in my many posts of Gurren Lagann figures,I am a big fan of the series.I have all the Revo ver of them and even a RIOBOT,Kotobukiya as well.Since these kits are extremely rare,I bought mind for about $60!!Yes way overpriced but to me,its worth it.I didn't do much with it like I did on my last Koto Gurren,just some hand painting with markers and panel lining.Enjoy the pics kids~