Monday, March 28

March's loots

Yo~just an update of what I got this month.

These are some of the MSs that I like from different timelines and yes,I am gonna get HG Gundam X next month.Hazel is 1 of my fav from MSV line,actually I only bought the Hazel but my bro bought me the Advance Hazel afterwards thats why I have both hehe he on the other hand got 1/100s of his own,I'll try getting them posted next time.Probably OOTB build or repaint them when I'm done with these 3s..but we'll see how it goes.Well,thats it for now.Thanks for droppin'by guys.

Sunday, March 27

00 Providence WIP2

Good morning people,just an update on the current progress on the 00 Providence,I'm done with the shoulder armors and a little plating on the hand armors.here's some pics.

Front shoulder

back shoulder

the hands armors

I've removed the seamline on the head,its a tricky way but kinda effective..

I cut the center piece of the head so that I wont have problems later on while painting it.

 line's not even visible

Well,thats it for now.I'm actually done with the gundam itself,next wip will be for the weapons.Thanks for droppin'by guys.

Sunday, March 20

00 Providence WIP1

Hello guys,here's some updates on the 00 Providence.I kinda took my time on my offs and nowadays just experimenting on the plates.The 00's frame is kinda short for me so I'm makin'em taller,enjoy the pics.

I extended the waist and the lower chest with some plates.

I'm not feeling the rounded wrists so I puttied them and pla-plated both.

Some detailing on the kicks hehe and I extended the tips.

Looks better~

I know I said none fancy on this build but I got bored and went overboard lol I'm not using the 00 Riser so I'm detailing it whenever I'm stuck on what to do hehe I didn't plan to go overboard anyway.I'll be posting the Riser when I'm done with it and I noticed the shoulder armors looked boring so I'm gonna work on that tonight.Well,that's it for now then.Thanks for dropping by people,enjoy your sunday~

Sunday, March 13


Hello guys,its Sunday but I'm working lol what a day for working right?but hey,a job is a job~hehe so anyway,this is my fav of all the revos I have in my collection.I wanted it so bad that I bought it off eBay 'cause its a discontinued item.anyway here's some pic.

The box
Its 1 badass mech hehe

As usual revo joints is that damn good~

His version of drills.
This is as detail it can get boys..as I said,baaadass~=P

So thats it then,I kinda missed out to buy it when it got out.though I might paid way more than I have to but hey,it could've gone higher for a must have and already discontinued item.Well thats it for now though,thanks for droppin'by people and enjoy your sunday.

Saturday, March 12

PG Strike Freedom Gundam

Finally I have time to blog since I've done unpacking my stuffs,settled down and all my gundams are on the shelf.I finally have time to blog on all the new stuffs I just got and here it is the long awaited PG Strike Freedom Gundam.

This is the box,Strike Freedom is the best so far to me.

The manual booklet.

This is kinda the graphic book.(very nice graphics inside)

SEED timelines

The runners,the stand is huge~

I haven't got the time to work on it yet since its Freedom,I wanna really settle down and take my time on it.hehe so you'll see it by then.Thanks for droppin'by guys.

CH Gundam competition

Yes,finally some local gundam comp action and the opportunity to see local gunplar and their piece.CHT(Chong Hock Toynation),a local shop here in Brunei are hosting a gundam comp around July and I've decided to join it but haven't decide on which gundam in my collections I'm gonna send.So stay tuned~

Sunday, March 6

00 Providence w.i.p

Hello people,been a while ey?I've been busy in real life and I'm moving again so Zaku and the other backlogs is currently on hold till I'm done unpacking but at the moment,remember the HG 00 condenser I bought before?that's the only kit I have around atm and currently working on it.Just a relax build,so here's some pics ot it.

Just some pla plating on the GN-drive.

Some pla plating on the shoulder armors.

This is where the most heavy mod I did on the kit,the waist armors.

This is how the kit currently look like.

Yes,I kinda thinking of using only 1 of the GN-drive.Yus,it's called 00 Providence with 1 GN-drive but its still using the 00's frame~chill people hehe =) Till next time then,thanks for dropping by.