Sunday, January 23

Armored Cyclop~

hey y'all,time for a new post~hehe like the title says "Armored Cyclop" is actually a Zaku that I posted about before.I had it for a while already but I kinda took my time building it.As you can see from my blog's banner,I'm a Zeonist.I like their MS better cause its unique from the other faction.So here's some pics of the Zaku.

Well,if you ask me,it's a damn slick kit hehe simple but yet,a very effective design.To be honest,I never had any 1/144 Zaku before since I've always been a 1/100 guy,I started collecting these 1/144 kit last year but yes,this is my first 1/144 Zaku.RG would be nice but there's a reason why there's PG line kit,so I'm skipping on'em.I'm simply modding this kit at the moment since my supplies ain't here yet,none fancy but hey,I'm trying new things nowadays.Post some wips soon~thanks for dropping by guys.

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