Saturday, July 21

SD Gundam RX-78 GP02A

Practice makes perfect,I haven't been finishing most of the kits I have and with the hectic workload at work I need something relaxing,so I decided to buy some SD kits to work with.Just minor work done and topcoat but I like it and it was sold!!hehe enjoy~

Friday, July 6

I got mail!!

LOL yes,I got mail~more like a special delivery from my loving fiance in Oz hehe Finally....

 Hehe intimidated?kinda but not much~I bought the HG last year and I've seen a painted work before so there's alot room of improvement,tempted to build it now though but not the right time,gotta finish the other first.Thanks to my fiance for the awesome birthday gift~<3 =P

Earth's Tragic Heroes

There,the tragic trio.I actually wanted to mod these three but not now..my fav among them is Calamity,such a  strong presence in the anime and since he's the leader he's MS is the coolest.