Saturday, July 30

HGUG Sinanju w.i.p 1

Hi guys,I've left this kit OOTB a while ago and since I'm not in the mood to work on any MG atm,I decided to get my ass off and start working on this kit instead.Kinda just a warm up built,none fancy.I've burnt out by building the PG SF so time to slow down abit.This is what I've worked on so far..

Orry about the pics,my cam 's broken so settled down with my hp cam instead.Well thats it for now,next post is loot post~hehe

Wednesday, July 20


Hello guys,its been awhile ey?hehe I know its been months~well since the EA Con announced the gundam competition,I decided to stop blogging for a while but hey now I'm back and here's what been goin'on when I was off.

There was 3 categories,A was for 1/144 kits,B was for the 1/100 kits and C was for freestyle,kotos,cars,dios and etc.I didn't win it but I had fun,my entry was the Hi-Nu.You can view the rest of the competition in one of my friend's blog shewsbury.com

It was the very first gunpla competition in Brunei and surely not the last.Thanks to the people involved in the event,the sponsor Chong Hock Toynation and the organizer TTF for making it happen,finally~hehe see you guys with the next pose,thanks for droppin'by.