Monday, April 25

Xn Raiser snap fitted~

Ey y'all,I'm done snap fitting the kit but left it unpainted.Here's some pics.

The whole unit saparated

 unit assembled
 attached to the 0 Raiser
giant katar
 can be combined into GN Buster Sword
 attached to the 00 Gundam

 Xn Raiser + 0 Raiser + 00 Gundam

What's the verdict?It's nice,no doubt about that but 1 problem is that when its attached to the 0 Raiser,it'd cause a weight problem to the 00,beside that,its an excellent add on.Well,thats that now next post will be back to 00 providence wip.Thanks for droppin'by guys.

Sunday, April 24

XN Raiser

Hello?hehe sorry for not posting much these days,busy with work and life.But anyway,a fellow builder and blogger lettin'go a bunch of his stuffs so I decided to get 1 since I missed out on it when it got out.Yes,the Xn Raiser kit.

It only have a single runner and its all white,no stickers so it'd require some painting.Though it comes with no instruction manual since its in the book (I only bought the kit) it won't be a big problem since I've seen alot of'em on the net.I'll post the snap fit soon so till next time~thanks for droppin'by.

Friday, April 8

Revo Iron Man Mk.VI

Hello guys,this is the newest Revo around and I just had it delivered to me by my girl,Ponyo 2 days ago hehe enjoy the pics cause words can hardly express how awesome the revo ootb hehe

The box cover
 inside views

 back of the box
the Revo and extras
 Iron Man MK.VI

as always,details

 flight mode

 plasma blast?
 double that?
hell yeah~
 the box's pose

Awesome?hehe yes it is~as usual,articulation of the revojoints made all the poses possible and the knee joints was superb.I actually have another one coming soon and its the limited release MK.IV.Well,thanks for droppin'by.Next post will be back to gunplas~=)

Thursday, April 7

Revoltech Gurren & Lagann

Hello guys,I've been busy these past weeks so I didn't got the time to work on the 00Providence but here's 1 of the revoltech that I Finally got the chance to take its pictures,the Revoltech Gurren & Lagann.As usual Revoltechs are second to none when it comes to articulations and this here is no exception.Enjoy the pics guys.

The Box

Kamina's Gurren

 The awesome logo of Gurrendan
 Somehow it looks better without the glasses
 With Simone's Lagann

Different face setup.


 Remember this pose??
 Arch enemies

 Glass sword/boomerang
 Char's kick?hell no,this is Kamina kick!!
 "Your drill is one that shall pierce through the heavens!"-Kamina

Well,thats it for now guys.Thanks for droppin'by.