Friday, January 7

January loots

Hello y'all~its time to post what I got this January.As usual,I got most of my supplies from Chong Hock (thanks to Eric) ehe I didn't order much this time since ain't alot of gundam I have inmind so I decided to get these two...

Not much of a work and yes,I'm a fast builder since I have lots of time in hands so I built these two in no time~

The Gurren.

The Enki.(it can be change to Enkidou) A special kit since my girl Sophie assembled it and ofcourse,I helped~=P

 both gunmen.

It was an easy builds and a very nice finish product minus the articulations but its just as I wanted it.I'm currently working on repainting both kit so stay tune~hehe I also got another kit and a bunch of pla-plates hehe here's the pic for the other kit I bought and an ongoing project since november...

Zaku II F2.

Reborn Gundam Custom.

hee thats all for now,thanks for dropping by~

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