Saturday, December 25

MG Sinanju Wip.2

Hey y'all,this is the 2nd Wip post of the MG Sinanju Titanium finish.Remember,this is just an OOTB build so no fancy mods or such.Even nub marks are cut clean only (no sanding) since that's the only thing I can do about it,it's a titanium finish~and besides,most of'em are hidden when it's finish.And FYI,beside the gold trims,I'm not putting any decals on this kit 'cause I'm always into the anime's MS look,It's more slick looking than those with decals IMO,Enjoy the pics.

I'm lovin'the sleeves~

Yes~it's the shield ehehe I can't resist putting it together 'cause I wanna see how big it is ^^

Well,that's it for now.FYI,I'm also working on the HGUC Sinanju but I wont be posting any WiP since I can see others are doin'the same mods anyway^^ next time folks~

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