Sunday, December 19


Yo~well I bought this guy around a week ago from CH Qlap and will buy the Enkidou afterwards.I am currently out of gundam to buy atm since there's none that I'm interested in for now,so I'm collecting Revoltech's Gurren Lagann mechas.A little story of this one,its one of the bad dude's Gunmen (mecha in Gurren Lagann universe) the pilot is Viral and yes,he's one badass dude and one of my favorite in the series.This is the first version of his Gunmen.The Enki came with some extra hands,2 missile pods,2 samurai,lagann's head and a chest missile.Articulation?none can come close to Revoltech so far..I'm getting their Predators and Aliens soon hehe that'd be an awesome adds for my collection,lets take a look~

How badass can a bad dude be?well,the pics answered that question perfectly~

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