Saturday, May 5

Stallmate and incoming hostiles

Hi guys,ignore the title lol I've been spacing out lately and most of my time spent on gaming nowadays =P Anyway,here's some pics of ongoing projects in hand.

 HGUC RX78-2,as you can see the left one is the one I'm modding atm.Kinda burnt out of ideas lately aka I lost ma mojo~
 I've built the RG Strike and I'm looking forward on building the RG Freedom.
This is the first RG I built,really blown away by the new line.I'm still thinking about putting on the decals atm,so s/by and stay frosty.

In coming hostiles comes in the shape of RG Justice and RIOBOT latest release,Gurren Lagann~I'm a sucker for the anime and let alone these damn new releases.I even got the Revo Gurren Lagann wing ver on pre-order.I can't wait for the RIOBOT Lazengann comes out,it'd definitely rock!RG Justice on the other hand is a must get since I have the RG Freedom already.

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