Tuesday, January 31


Yeah as the tittle said,snafits~hehe I'm a fast builder,I don't like my backlogs pilling so I snapfit them kits right away,when I got time that is hehe here's 2 of them.

As much as I hate Shin Asuka from SEED/Destiny but I gotta admit that he's choices of MS really fits his fighting style and Sword Impulse colour scheme rocks over the other 2 of Impulse's modes.Anyway I was planning on buying the MG but Bandai haven't release the bazooka mode for Impulse yet,I did saw a resin kit of it but..we'll see hehe The Zaku on the other hand is kinda simple,remember last post I said I wanna buy another Zaku to repaint it?Cancelled that,I'm repainting Gouf soon so better get that done first and RGs sitting pretty in their box cause I'm pre-ordering RG Skygrasper so I wanna wait till its here to build them.Anyway thats it for now,stay safe y'all.

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