Friday, January 13

Gouf Ignited

Hello guys,I got time these days so I've snapfit the Gouf and hell yeah I'm loving the kit,hope they're releasing the remaster Gouf ignited soon,enjoy the pics..

I don't know what's up nowadays but I'm more into 1/144 kits haha and since 2012 is the year of SEED,I might be buying more SEED/Destiny kits soon,plus the remaster kit is coming and MG Duel.Anyway Gouf is awesome,its always a badass MS to begin with,ever since I saw it in 08th team,I know it'd be one of the favs but too bad Gouf Ignited only shown in the beginning of SEED.If I ever bought the MG 2.0,I probably SB the Ignited wing backpack,as I said C.E adds sleeker style to old MS hehe well,I'm repainting this kit when I have more time on it but this all for now,see you guys on next post.

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