Tuesday, August 30

Hi Nu EX Gundam

Hi guys,been awhile~I've been busy in real life and can't find any gundam that catch my eyes recently so to me,gunpla scene seems dull lately..anyway.here's some old pic of my entry for the EA CON gunpla competition last july.

my Sinanju enduring dust attack~

So that's my entry for the Brunei's first gunpla competition held at EA CON,the best event out there for me,period.I gotta admit,it was a rushed entry,I damaged the left shoulder armor otw to the event and I was the last one to submit mine.I spent most of my little free time working on it and experimented on alot of techs on it.It may not be the best and I didn't really win anything but I had a great time on the event and I'm glad that I joinned it.

well,that's it for now then,it'll be a while after this post since the festive season's starting.I'd like to take this chance to say Happy Raya to everyone reading my blog,regardless of what religion and forgive me if I offended any with any post I've posted.Enjoy your Raya people,cheers!!

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