Wednesday, June 1

May's loot

Hi guys,been away for awhile but I'm back now~hehe it's kinda late but I had a few last month anyway so here it is..

I got the mag from Eric and the Type C from Kawan Ria(Mall)
 always a fan of them grunt units.
 why I bought it?yes,I'm a SEED fan.
 The MS that started it all~
 Duel is my fav beside Strike that is.
 the 1 and only PG Freedom around and its SB.
 If he's sellin'it,I'd buy it~=P
 2 PG Freedoms but I prefer the ori Freedom
 The Wagtail decals(gettin it soon)
Hasegawa trytool (hobby saws)
 spelling error?? 
thats all for now,thanks for droppin'by guys.

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